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Astral Credits is a fun, community-driven, open-source peer-to-peer digital currency project developing decentralized applications on the FLARE & SONGBIRD Networks, built upon sound money principles.

Our vision is to bootstrap a completely self-sustaining ecosystem through the free & fair distribution of XAC tokens to the FLARE NETWORKS community. Astral Credits boasts a fixed supply cap, sound monetary policy and a free & fair distribution model to promote strong Store of Value (SoV) like properties.

Our Vision Statement

  • Fixed Supply Cap

    A hard cap of 1 BILLION Astral Credits have been minted to ensure the value each token represents cannot be debased through monetary inflation.

  • Deflationary Supply Schedule

    Tokens are distributed to the community for FREE via a faucet with a built-in deflationary supply schedule to help promote strong Store of Value (SoV) like properties.

  • Free & Fair Distribution

    80% of tokens to be distributed FREELY to the community. 10% for NFT badge airdrops and the remaining 10% in reserve to fund future projects to expand the XAC ecosystem.

  • Secure, Fast & Low Cost

    Astral Credits utilises the SONGBIRD PoS smart contract network which enables secure, low fee transactions with near instant finality.

Get Astral Credits

Join the Astral Credits Community Discord
and earn XAC from the distribution faucet, FREE!

Join the Community!

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You can also participate in random airdrops, send and receive tips/rains via Mr.Tipbot and play games like coinflip - a provably fair game of head or tails!

Simply join our Discord server and register to begin claiming.

Type !getstarted in chat to learn how!

Distribution Schedule

Astral Credits is distributed using a fixed, deflationary supply schedule that slows the supply growth of XAC over time, thus making it more scarce and giving holders the capacity for a higher time preference.

  • Currently, you can earn x XAC per claim.
  • There are of 11,111 claims remaining this month, which will reset in x Days x Hours x Minutes x Seconds
  • Every 6 months, the amount of XAC received per claim is halved, with the next halving occuring in x Days x Hours x Minutes x Seconds

SUPPORT the Astral Credits project

Support the Astral Credits project today by purchasing an Astral Credits NFT badge on XHaven.io! 10% of the total supply of XAC has been reserved to be distributed via routine airdrops to badge holders on each halving event at a ratio of 1:1 (XAC to RRP price per NFT badge in SGB). NFT Holders can also claim Citizenship status via the Community Discord, which provides additional perks such as access to private channels, special facillities and exclusive opportunities to earn XAC and MORE through games, competitions and giveaways!

Buy on XHaven

Please also consider donating Songbird (SGB) to the address below to provide gas fees for use in the faucet for distribution of XAC to the community. A small amount can go a long way!

Alternatively, you can send SGB to faucet.sgb using this service.

Thank you for your support! ❤️

Bifrost Wallet
Proudly supporting Astral Credits

With native SONGBIRD Network support. Have full control over your XAC tokens with a self custody wallet, NFT gallery and Web3 browser all in one simple and secure app.

Bifrost Wallet

Built for the community

Mr.Tipbot is a FREE TO USE cross-server Discord tipping service which supports both the FLARE & SONGBIRD Networks. Send and receive XAC, FLR, SGB and MORE!

Learn More

Pixel Planet
Powered by Astral Credits

Pixel Planet is a DApp (Decentralized Application) powered by Astral Credits. Buy pixels on the shared canvas using XAC, collaborate or compete to create amazing works and share them with the SONGBIRD community!

Pixel Planet

Decentralized Exchange

Buy/Sell XAC or add liquidity to the BlazeSwap Astral Credits pool to earn liquidity provider rewards on your XAC!


Songbird Domains
Web3 domain name service

Domain names are human readable digital ID's living on the blockchain, such as astralcredits.sgb. Use Songbird Domains SEND Function to send XAC directly to any .sgb domain name holder!

Send XAC Buy Domain

SGB Chat
Web3 social media platform

SGB chat is the first social media platform built on the SONGBIRD network! Use the SEND feature to send XAC tips to other users on the platform via their .sgb domain name!



Astral Credits (XAC) is an ERC20 token on the SONGBIRD Network.

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