Pixel Planet

Powered by Astral Credits




WASD keys / Click-drag with the mouse to move Canvas.
+/- Mouse scroll wheel to zoom.

Drag finger to move.


Pro Tip
Although Pixel Planet offers a standard range of 4-bit colors, the canvas will accept ANY valid HEX (#000000) or RGB (255, 255, 255) color codes! You can use a color picker like htmlcolorcodes.com to help find the perfect color to complete your creation!



  • Selected Coords: Copy Link
  • Current Color:
  • Creator:
  • Linked URL: NONE
  • Last Price:

Open the MENU in the top right corner to buy this pixel!
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Add Website Link

Add a custom website link to your creations! Simply buy an Astral Credits NFT badge and register via the community Discord!

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Pixel Planet - Powered by Astral Credits

Welcome to Pixel Planet! A DApp (Decentralized Application) powered by Astral Credits. Buy pixels using XAC, create amazing works and share them with the SONGBIRD community! All tile information is stored and modified by interacting with the Pixel Planet tile smart contract.

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  1. Open the MENU in the top right hand corner.
  2. Click the "Connect" button to connect your wallet to the Pixel Planet DApp.
  3. Select any tile on the canvas and enter in how many tokens you wish to pay for it (min price: 1 $XAC)
    (Ensure the amount is higher than the current price paid for that tile.)
  4. Click "Approve Spend" to allow the contract to spend a limited amount of tokens.
    (Tip: Approve an amount to cover your entire masterpiece to save time repeating this step on every transaction!)
  5. Once confirmed, click "Buy Pixel" and approve your transaction.
  6. Once the transaction is confirmed, the tile will change to the color selected and will also display additional address and hyperlink details.


  • PC - WASD keys to move / Click-drag with the mouse on the Canvas. +/- Mouse scroll wheel to zoom.
  • Mobile - Drag finger to move.
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