Your Discord tipping companion!

Say hello to Mr.Tipbot 👋

Mr.Tipbot is a FREE TO USE cross-server Discord tipping service which supports both the FLARE & SONGBIRD Networks.

Unlike conventional tipbot services which use a centralized database to manage user funds and are prone to inflation bugs or double-spend attack, with Mr.Tipbot - All transactions occur on-chain!

  • Multi-currency Support

    Mr.Tipbot gives you one wallet to use multiple cryptocurrencies on both the Flare & Songbird Networks.

  • Free to Use

    Add to any Discord server and enable community tipping with Flare & Songbird Network tokens with the click of a button.

  • Instant deposits & withdrawals

    As all transactions occur on-chain - Deposits and withdrawals are fast and low fee, thanks to the Flare & Songbird Networks.

Supported Tokens

Songbird Network

Logo Name Symbol Link
Songbird SGB
Wrapped Songbird WSGB
Astral Credits XAC
Nishi Coin NISHI
Songbird Phoenix sPHX
Feather FTHR
BlueBirdX BBX
Wrapped BlueBirdX WBBX
Spark Coin SPRK
sFortuna SFORT
Experimental USDT eUSDT

Flare Network

Logo Name Symbol Link
Flare FLR
Wrapped Flare WFLR
Phoenix Token PHX
BonezCoin BNZ

Want to add a token to Mr.Tipbot?

If you're looking to get your (or your favorite) FLARE or SONGBIRD network cryptocurrency listed on Mr.Tipbot, there is currently a listing fee of $200 USD for all new tokens which will help with the operation & maintenance costs of Mr.Tipbot.

The fee is payable in Flare (FLR), Songbird (SGB) or you can pay with Astral Credits (XAC) to receive 10% OFF!

Contact us via email or get in touch with a team member in the Astral Credits Community Discord to get listed.

Commands List

Use the below commands to interact with Mr.Tipbot

/help - Get a list of commands

/deposit - Deposit supported tokens to your tipbot address

/balance - See the current balance of your tipbot address

/withdraw - Withdraw your tipbot balance to an address (0x..) or a .sgb or .flr domain

/settings - View or change your tipbot settings (Available subcommands - view, notification & notify_value)

/tip - Tip another user some coins/tokens from your tipbot balance

/active_tip - Tip a random recently active user some coins/tokens from your tipbot balance (Note: must be active in the same channel in the last 24HRs)

/role_tip - Tip a random user with a certain role some coins/tokens from your tipbot balance

/active_rain - Tip multiple random recently active users some coins/tokens from your tipbot balance (Note: must be active in the same channel in the last 24HRs). You can set num_users: max to tip all active users!

/role_rain - Tip multiple random users with a certain role some coins/tokens from your tipbot balance

/prices - Get the price of supported currencies from coingecko

/supported - See all currencies supported by Mr.Tipbot (Available subcommands - flare & songbird)

/info - Get basic information about supported currencies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my Mr.Tipbot wallet?

You don't have to! Every user on Discord is provided with a wallet tied to their unique Discord user ID. Fund it yourself by depositing or by receiving tips! Use the /deposit command to get started.

Do I need a balance of FLR or SGB to make withdrawals or send tips?

Yes. As all transactions occur on-chain, you will need some FLR and/or SGB to cover gas fees when making withdrawals or sending tips to other users. Use the /deposit command to send yourself some FLR and/or SGB (3-5 should be plenty!).

Can I use my balance across different servers?

Your tipbot balance will be available across ALL supporting servers – so you can access your tokens in any chat and also by directly messaging the bot.

How secure are my funds?

Your balance's security will be dependant on the OPSEC used to protect your Discord account. We recommend you use features like two-factor authentication to keep your account secure. In regards to Mr.Tipbot's security – we follow industry standards and store all secrets as .env so they are adequately protected.

Is Mr.Tipbot a custodial service?

Whilst all transactions occur on-chain. Mr.Tipbot is custodial in nature due to the bot requiring access to keys to submit transactions to the blockchain. For this reason we recommend you only maintain a balance that you wish to tip other users and withdraw all excess to your self-custody wallet! Remember - Not your keys, not your coins!

Ready to begin?

Invite Mr.Tipbot to your server or apply for a token listing!